What kinds of activities do young people like to do

What kinds of activities do young people like to do

In today’s world, young people are really into a variety of activities, you know? Like, a lot of them are super into using social media platforms, constantly posting and scrolling, which is quite the trend. Then there’s this huge interest in video gaming, where they spend hours, I mean literally hours, gaming with friends online. Also, let’s not forget, many are into fitness-related stuff, like hitting the gym, or doing yoga, which is pretty cool for staying healthy and all.

Trong thế giới ngày nay, giới trẻ thực sự tham gia vào nhiều hoạt động khác nhau. Giống như, rất nhiều người trong số họ cực kỳ thích sử dụng các nền tảng truyền thông xã hội, liên tục đăng và lướt, đây là một xu hướng khá phổ biến. Sau đó, có sự quan tâm lớn đến trò chơi điện tử, nơi họ dành hàng giờ, ý tôi là hàng giờ, chơi game trực tuyến với bạn bè. Ngoài ra, đừng quên, nhiều người thích những thứ liên quan đến thể dục, như tập gym hoặc tập yoga, những việc này khá thú vị để giữ sức khỏe và mọi thứ.

  1. “Really into”: This is an informal phrase meaning very interested in or enthusiastic about something.
  2. “Constantly posting and scrolling”: This phrase describes the action of frequently updating one’s status or uploading content (‘posting’) and looking through or reading content (‘scrolling’) on social media.
  3. “Huge interest”: This phrase means a great or significant level of enthusiasm or curiosity about something.
  4. “Literally hours”: ‘Literally’ is often used for emphasis in conversational English, even when the literal meaning is not strictly true. Here, it emphasizes the large amount of time spent on gaming.
  5. “Let’s not forget”: This is a conversational phrase used to introduce something important that should not be overlooked or omitted from consideration.
  6. Fitness-related stuff: This refers to activities that are concerned with or designed to improve physical health and condition, like exercise and sports.
  7. “Hitting the gym”: A colloquial way of saying going to the gym for a workout.

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