Should teachers give students advice

Should teachers give students advice

Sample 1

For sure, teachers aren’t just there to feed facts and figures. They can be a good source of advice in areas such as studying and career orientation. For example, lots of high school students in Vietnam often ask their teachers for advice when it comes to which major they should choose and which university they should apply for after graduation.

Should teachers give students advice
Should teachers give students advice

Sample 2

Yes, teachers definitely should give students advice. They’re not just educators, but also role models and mentors. Teachers can offer valuable insights on academic decisions, study strategies, and even life skills, which can greatly influence a student’s future. It’s all about guiding them to realize their potential and make informed decisions.

Useful Vocabulary:

  1. Educators: People who provide instruction or education; typically used to refer to teachers.
  2. Role Models: Individuals who are looked up to and admired, often influencing others’ behavior and attitudes.
  3. Mentors: Experienced and trusted advisors who guide and counsel someone less experienced.
  4. Insights: Deep understandings or realizations about something complex.
  5. Academic Decisions: Choices related to education, such as selecting courses, colleges, or fields of study.
  6. Study Strategies: Techniques or methods used for learning effectively.
  7. Life Skills: Abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.
  8. Potential: A person’s inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or future success.
  9. Informed Decisions: Choices made based on full understanding and knowledge of the relevant facts and information

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